Pro-Shift PS3 System

Speciaal ontwikkeld en ontworpen voor raceauto's en- motoren met meer dan 170 aanpasbare parameters. Bi-Modal met wisselbare nat en droog opties. De kenmerken van het kampioenschaps-winnende PS3 systeem zijn:

  • Volledig gesloten loop technologie met gebruik van pot-meter feedback met verstelbare marges voor een onmiddelijke herkenning van de versnelling;
  • Alleenstaande gesloten loop technologie, met lineaire feedback herkenning;
  • Gesloten loop is nu mogelijk op auto’s en motoren zonder pot-meter feedback;
  • Volledig instelbare tijd voor op- en terugschakelen;
  • Voor alle versnellingen verstelbare ontsteking- of brandstofonderbrekingen mogelijk;
  • Indien gewenst een rustiger programma voor het op laten komen van de ontsteking- of brandstofonderbrekingen nadat deze uitgeschakeld zijn, bijv. voor regenomstandigheden (programmeerbaar voor alle opschakelingen);
  • Automatisch opschakelen bij een voorgeprogrammeerd maximaal toerental, door middel van het indrukken en vasthouden van de opschakelflipper of –knop (programmeerbaar voor alle opschakelingen);
  • Programmeerbare toerenbegrenzer;
  • 1-12 cilinder toerental herkenning;
  • Te combineren met onze Auto-Blip Downshifters (programmeerbaar voor alle versnellingen);
  • Per versnelling specifiek instelbaar veilig maximaal toerental om ervoor te zorgen dat de motor bij terugschakelen niet overtoert (programmeerbaar voor alle versnellingen);
  • Auto-Retry van elke verkeerd geschakelde versnelling (op- of terugschakelen);
  • Instelbare "solenoid werkingstijd" voor op- en terugschakelen (programmeerbaar voor alle versnellingen);
  • Nood Modus: In het geval van een systeemfout zoals bijvoorbeeld  een uitval van de pot-meter is er een "emergency mode" voorzien. Zou het "noodsignaal licht"  beginnen te knipperen op het dashboard, dan dient enkel simpelweg "emergency mode" geselecteerd te worden om de beperkingen van de versnellingsparameters van het systeem te omzeilen, waardoor ongelimiteerd gebruik van de flippers mogelijk is en alle feedback uitgeschakeld wordt. Elke keer als de flippers ingedrukt worden wordt er van versnelling gewisseld in de gehanteerde richting, de PS3 software zal de timing van elke wisseling van versnelling ingeven;
  • Alle parameters op de PS3 zijn volledig aanpasbaar op de computer tot op 1mS (millisecond) nauwkeurig.

Met of zonder pot-meters
Bovenstaand gepatenteerd paddle-shift schakelsysteem is tevens volledig toepasbaar op raceauto’s en- motoren die geen gebruik maken van de – met Formule 1 vergelijkbare – schakeltechnologie voor geavanceerde raceauto’s voorzien van pot-meters. Het systeem fungeert ook met een volledig geïntegreerde stand alone gesloten loop systeem voor voertuigen zonder pot-meter. Daardoor is de technologie voor deze auto’s vergelijkbaar te gebruiken voor een zeer aanvaardbare prijs.

Uniek systeem
De PS3 heeft daarnaast een noviteit voor racemotoren aangezien het systeem ook kan voorzien in stand alone gesloten loop technologie die voorheen niet beschikbaar was voor racemotoren. Door het gebruik van  Pro-Shift's unieke lineare feedback herkenningssysteem kunnen we nu alle voordelen brengen die je kunt krijgen.

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Coureurs over Pro-Shift

"They have done a great job with the Paddle-shift system and it worked flawlessly. The biggest advantage to the system is that it allowed me to concentrate more on driving the car more precisely."

31-10-2011: Conor Daly
(Sebring, USA - Long Beach Indy Lights Winner)

"Thank you for the quick and professional service you provided!"

14-12-2011: Kushal Agarwal

"It was great! The paddle shift makes the car easier to drive, and it worked perfectly."

31-10-2011: Tristan Vautier
(Sebring, USA - 2011 Star Mazda Champion)

"The Systems are working great. We just ran the SCCA run offs. Lee (Alexander) sat on pole with the track record and the fastest lap turned at Road America for any SCCA class."

29-09-2011: Jeff Shafer
(Las Vegas, USA)

"The down shifting is quite amazing. We are delighted with the newly installed PS2 system and it's the first time we have run the car and managed to stay beyond practice all season. We would definitely recommend you and your system to anyone who comes our way.... Meer…

02-09-2011: Jonathan Gates

"We tried a pneumatic system initially but the results weren't very successful. The main problem was that the air canister wasn't sufficient. Because we're using a small-capacity, naturally aspirated engine without a lot of torque, we have to change gear a lot... Meer…

01-08-2011: Dick Kvetnansky

"Thanks for the PS3, absolutely fantastic, it's completely revolutionised the car! I thought the XTR2 was fun before but being able to change gear reliably and so fast, and without the clutch is superb. Drove my friend's Lamborghini Gallardo too and have to sa... Meer…

02-08-2011: Phill Barrett

"The test at Road Atlanta of the F1000 car went flawlessly. The PS3 system was awesome, no problems at all."

15-07-2011: Dave Metcalf

"I bought a complete PS3 System a year ago for my Speads RS10 race-car. It works like a dream!!"

03-07-2011: Willie Ras
(South Africa)

"I was instantly comfortable using the PS2  for both upshifts and downshifts, and quickly found myself  setting very competitive lap times using the paddles as though I'd never used anything else. Downshifting from 6th to 2nd in 90m was effortless, u... Meer…

14-06-2012: Tristan Cliffe

"The Paddle-Shift worked brilliantly and I am really happy with the installation. Once more thanks to you and Ian."

30-05-2011: Angelos Metaxa

"The Pro-Shift system was installed in our car in a big rush and without us having had any previous experience of it. Mainly due to a total distrust of the previous pneumatic system we were not sure if the Pro-Shift would be fine but we were 100% positive that... Meer…

23-05-2012: Dick Kvetnansky

"WOW WOW WOW!!!!! What a fabulous piece of kit. I ended up winning the race on my first ever time at Cadwell. What a fabulous circuit to race and even more enjoyable and fun to drive with the paddle-shift system. I would not have been so quick or felt in as mu... Meer…

23-05-2011: Dax Ward

"Pro-Shift Paddles are the best paddles on the market by far."

10-05-2011: Aaron Steer
(West Racecars - Australia)

"Wow! what a weekend, this bit of kit is amazing, I shaved 1 second round Brands and that was in traffic, did a 46.4, it's the best investment I've ever made and what's more it made me enjoy driving more. The ability to keep the car more balanced through corne... Meer…

03-05-2011: Marc Fortune

"The Pro-Shift is working flawlessly with the blipper solenoid."

29-03-2011: Bill Olders
(Comment on the latest Throttle Blipper - Ottawa)

"We had the Ascari M5 out for the first test day of the season on Monday, the Blip System works great, we installed the system off the firewall and on to the accelerator pedal. We are very happy with the unit."

17-02-2012: Darren Berry

"Thank you for sending Ian over to Sebring, he did a great job and went above and beyond what I expected. He has built our relationship with Pro-Shift to one that we are glad to have."

10-02-2011: Peter Huber
(Wilzig Racing - USA)

"Huge thanks for all the help Pro-Shift have given me, a fantastic job, well done to all at Pro-Shift!!"

19-08-2010: Richard MacDonald

"Driving the new Pro-Shift PS3 is both exhilarating and exciting and will definitely give us the winning edge in our Renault Megane. The top of the range technology supplied along with the ability for us to make system adjustments from our laptop all add to th... Meer…

18-08-2010: Smudo
(Singer/Celebrity and Bio-Concept Car Driver - Germ...)

"The bespoke Porsche 997 GT Cup Car Pro-Shift System has cut seconds off my lap times and is a pleasure to use. The track-side assistance given by Roy and the Pro-Shift team was second to none when they attended Hockenheim to complete the final testing and fin... Meer…

18-08-2010: Karsten Sachsenroeder
(Sachsenroeder Motorsport - Germany)

"We have been using our Pro-Shift to shorten lap times for 4 years. In addition to clean shifts it results in far less wear of gearbox dogs and shifter forks than manual shifting. Pro-Shift gives us a winning edge and their service quality exceeds my expectati... Meer…

02-08-2010: Bill Olders

"The PS3 shifts are seamless both up and down and will without a doubt shave seconds off my times at every track. It has exceeded my expectations in only its first weekend. You have succeeded in designing a cutting edge technology and delivering it to the Moto... Meer…

20-07-2010: Garrett Kletjian

"The gearbox internals look like new and no "swarf" on the plug which shows the Paddle-Shift engagement is spot on.... The  Pro-Shift System seems to be about the only part of the car we have not had a problem with - fitted and forgotten. As far as I can ... Meer…

24-05-2010: Dave Tennant
(Bitz Garage/Bitzmotorsport - Nairn)

"I have used the PS2 to break 2 track records this year at New Hampshire International Raceway and Virginia International."

30-04-2010: Garrett Kletjian

"I purchased a Pro-Shift System for my F1 Sidecar in 2007. We've never had 1 problem and I like it so much I've just bought a PS2 for my race car."

30-03-2012: Frank Riolo

"The System we installed is working great!"

18-02-2010: David Tame

"Your Pro-Shift System works flawlessly. I love it."

07-05-2009: Kent Baker

"The Pro-Shift works perfectly. The downshifts were so smooth I had to look at the gear indicator to see that the shift had actually occured. One happy guy says thanks."

02-05-2009: Bill Olders

"I was at Goodwood on Friday using your Paddle-Shift for the first time... it was b****y brilliant, it worked faultlessly all day and having driven a pneumatic system and yours back to back the Pro-Shift was far smoother."

01-09-2008: Barry Marks

"It's an absolutely fantastic System to use. We've had 4 years of trouble free running."

14-04-2012: Tim Anthill & Heath Lane

"We needed a boost to our World Championship campaign and the Pro-Shift provided us with that bit extra."

01-01-2002: Steve Abbott & Jamie Biggs

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